The LANAP™ Protocol


The LANAP™ Protocol is an FDA approved treatment of periodontal disease.  This breakthrough treatment eliminates the need for traditional scalpel and suture gum surgery.  The LANAP™ Protocol laser treatment substantially reduces the pain that used to be associated with periodontal gum surgery making it much more comfortable to treat gum disease, which in recent years has been linked to serious systemic diseases such as: Diabetes, Respiratory Disease, Heart Disease, Increased Risk for Strokes and Pre-term and Low Birth-weight Babies.

Treatment Benefits

The LANAP™ Protocol is executed completely using concentrated laser energy, which lessens discomfort to the patient and shortens recovery time.  Because The LANAP™ Protocol eliminates the need for surgical incisions with a scalpel, there is no need for stitches.

The LANAP™ Protocol uses laser energy to gently remove harmful bacteria and disease tissue from the gums while leaving the healthy tissue unharmed.  This allows us to create a clean environment for gum healing to occur.

Top Benefits of The LANAP™ Protocol

1. Reduced risk of infection because the laser procedure kills harmful bacteria at the time of the treatment.

2. The procedure is less invasive allowing the patient to heal faster.

3. Less painful.


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